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Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is a technology that prints solder paste on printed circuit board (PCB) and mounts integrated circuit material onto it. Our SMT goes beyond most simple SMT processes by providing a total solution technology optimized for various electronic IT modules, including specialized designing technology through the design center, component selection, and inspection for reliability.

  • For Displays

    This is a device that connects the driving information on the display of the digital device to the panel, which enables the user to view the picture or video on the screen. We have optimized the technology and processes especially for the mass production of OLED display panels with Youm On cell technology. This technology directly attaches a TSP Sensor to thin film encapsulation, which reduces the thickness of the panel and shortens the entire process by eliminating the lamination process.

  • For Wearable Devices

    This is a device that transmits signals input to various sensors, such as smart watch and health band, to a main wearable device serving a role to convey a variety of information, such as heart rate and amount of oxygen, to the user. Since it needs to process a lot of signals at once while maintaining a small size according to the demands of wearable devices, these products are also demanding more and more sophisticated technologies.

  • For Cameras

    This is a device that converts an image projected through a lens into a digital signal. It can be applied to various IT cameras such as smart cameras, rear cameras for car, and black boxes.