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SMT Company DKT

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DKT, founded in 2012, plays a pivotal role as a specialized FPCA module company with a management philosophy of ‘customer satisfaction is our top priority through achieving the best quality’.

DKT began mass-production in earnest in 2012, starting from Vietnam which is our production base, on the basis of outstanding surface mounting technology and has been growing continuously after constructing a new plant in 2017 and having after adding high-speed MOUNT.

DKT also makes effort to reduce waste by constructing an environmental management system in order to promote not only the corporate individual interest but also public interest and develops sustainable managemental activities by conducting energy-saving campaigns and purchasing eco-friendly products.

DKT will continue to grow as a global company with its FPCA module through continuous development via R & D and human resource development.

All of DKT's employees promise to be the cornerstone of the 21st century IT industry as the world's best module company that realizes customer benefits through the trust and growth of our customers.

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