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SMT Process flow

Process flow 01

IQC Performing a test on imported raw materials and parts
(FPCB, materials, tape, etc.)

Process flow 02

FPCB Attachment Inserting FPCB attached on a carrier jig into the PRINTER

Process flow 03

PRINTER Applying solder cream spread on a metal mask on
FPCB by rolling with a squeezee

Process flow 04

3D SPI Testing volume of solder cream spread on FPCB
and inserting fine quality goods only into the MOUNTER

Process flow 05

MOUNTER Absorbing and mounting chip parts on
solder cream spread on FPCB PAD (Surface mounting)

Process flow 06

MOUNTER Absorbing and mounting deformed parts
on solder cream spread on FPCB PAD (Surface mounting)

Process flow 07

REFLOW Soldering between parts and FPCB by
heat-curing solder cream

Process flow 08

MARKING FPCA marked with INK

Process flow 09

S-AOI Conducting a primary SMT
soldering test in FPCA state

Process flow 10

SOLDERING INSPECTION Conducting a secondary SMT
soldering test with a magnifier

Ass’y Process flow

Process flow 11

X-RAY INSPECTION Conducting a soldering test through X-rays
(X-ray test on BGA parts that are not visible with the naked eye)

Process flow 12

UNDERFILL Applying a resinous solution to four sides of BGA IC
(Prevention of external impact)

Process flow 13

PLASMA Removing organic contaminants
from OLB terminal

Process flow 14

ROUTER Cut PCB BRIDALS to separate
guide from product

Process flow 15

TAPE ATTACH Attaching tape in FPCA state

Process flow 16

E/T INSPECTION Conducting an open and
short test on FPCA circuit

Process flow 17

V/T INSPECTION Testing main items with a magnifier / microscope
(SMT mounting, CNT, FPCB exterior, OLB terminal)

Process flow 18

OQC Conducting an FPCA sampling outgoing inspection

Process flow 19

CLEANNING Removing foreign substances from trays and products