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No Classification Contents Right holder Filing date Registration date
1 Patent rights PCB including low permittivity materials DKT 2016.07.18 2019.01.22
2 Patent rights PCB test tray DKT 2017.08.22 2018.08.23
3 Patent rights Washing tester for surface mounting nozzles DKT 2017.09.05 2018.06.01
4 Patent rights Flexible PCB tester and test method supporting auto alignment DKT 2018.04.30 2018.11.27
5 Patent rights Flexible auto test system DKT 2018.07.31 2019.01.25
6 Patent rights Flexible PCB tester DKT 2018.07.31 2019.01.25
7 Patent rights PCB supply return device for flexible PCB testing DKT 2018.08.06 2019.01.25
8 Patent rights Multi heating carrier jig for flexible PCB DKT 2018.11.27 2019.05.17
9 Patent rights Flexible PCB for wireless communication DKT 2019.05.17 2019.10.25